Journey, a collective experience of all surroundings. A blend of physique and sentiment. Mixture of heritage, tradition, culture and art. The art of perfumery is a sensorial way of storytelling. Each scent of PRYN PARFUM portrays story from different journeys through eccentric ingredients. Reflecting a distinctive characteristic of the passage. A reminiscence of peculiar odyssey.


“Story is a must for art” This is what I learn from film school. The story of art represent human expression which usually influenced by culture and driven by human creativity. This perfumery, PRYN PARFUM, is a projection of my stories. Not only filled with deviant materials chosen from the best sources but each scent also connotes its own context.
– Pryn Lomros - Founder / Perfumer


We believe that things has value in itself. Perfume, solely, is already a piece of art and precious creation. It does not stand in need of the excessive packaging because the true value is already there inside. We think it is unfair to add twice the cost for packaging while the at most intention is so that we could appreciate and adore the scent. For this reason, we have minimise our packaging and keep our focus on our perfume.

We strive for perfection. We understand that every single detail worths millions for those who appreciate it. Our processes are very much handmade as it get to be certain on the control of quality. And yet we hope you enjoy PRYN PARFUM like we do.