‘Journey is a collective experience of senses that respond to all that surrounds us.’

The art of perfumery in a way is a form of storytelling—a sensorial one, too. It blends the physical essence with that of sentiments into one. A mixture of heritage, tradition, culture and art into one drop. 

Each scent of PRYN PARFUM projects memory frames and tell—and retell to no end—stories from numerous journeys. Through an eclectic of ingredients, it reflects a distinctive characteristic of the passage… A reminiscence of peculiar odyssey.


“Story is a must for art” 

This is what I learnt from film school. The story in art as in perfumery can contain, exhibit or arouse or even manifest human expressions. These expressions oftentimes are influenced by culture—and always driven by human creativity. 

PRYN PARFUM is a projection of these stories. ‘In each scent not only is filled with deviant materials; but it also connotes its own context.’

– Prin Lomros, Founder and Perfume Artist


We believe that everything has value in itself. Perfume as itself is already a piece of art, a precious creation. That’s why, our focus is being poured upon the quality of raw materials and true craftsmanship. We put value more onto the customer’s experience with every scent they dab or splash onto his or her body, much more than to any elaborate packaging. 

We strive for perfection. We understand that every single detail worth a million more for those who appreciate. Our entire process is as much handmade as it can get; and, that is that, despite time and resources; just so that we—and our ‘audience’ of the scent’— can be absolutely certain of the standard of quality control we uphold. 

Upon every drop of PRYN PARFUM, we hope you will enjoy ‘the journey,’ just like we did when making them.