The fascinating factors about the art of perfumery is not only about the joy of discovering the one scent for yourself. It also to have one created exactly to your preferences. Just like a fine bespoke attire, the scent will be inspired from you and your wildest imagination.

The beauty of this bespoke signature perfume is that it is also a great gift for your special person or for your special occasions. A scent of maturation for your friend on their graduation day? Or perhaps a scent of success for your friend's promotion?

The perfume uses natural and chemical material to reach your desire. All materials are standard materials use in niche perfume industry and non allergen.




  • price includes domestic shipping. international shipping fees, import duties and taxes of the destination are not included

  • The process will takes at least 3 months for exploration, development and production.

  • should you prefer other concentration for your perfume, please kindly inform. however, some concentration would not be suitable with some materials used and you shall be informed once the issue came up.