—Siam Bewitching (Light Floral Citrus)

Eau de Parfum Intense
50ml. / 1.67OZ.

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Amber, Saffron, Custard Apple, Jasmine Sambac, Champaca, Gardenia, Ylang Ylang, Tuberose, Fennel, Nutmeg, Anise, Black Pepper, Tobacco, Rose, Castoruem, and Sandalwood

Kinnari is a mythological characters of half-woman, half-bird in angel-like costume which lives in the Himavanta forest at the base of Mount Meru. Commonly found as sculpture or in painting of Hindu and Buddhist temples. Also representing the most bewitching dazzling women. The scent is the impression of Siam’s woman during the Ayutthaya period, demure, gracious and well-composed which craft skills considered true beauty of a woman. In their traditional clothes, making flower garland wearing Thai scented water (Nam-Op) made of Thai native flowers, precious wood and spices.