—Ethereal Utopia (Fruity Floral)

Eau de Intérieur
50ml. / 1.67OZ.


Henan Peach Blossom, Oolong, Japanese Honeysuckle, Chinese Peony, Magnolia, Lucky Bamboo, Wisteria, Mandarin Orange, Orris Concrete, Sandalwood, Bluebell

Peaches of Immortality inspired by an ideal of ethereal utopia which was described in The Peach Blossom Spring (Tao Yuan Bi Jing), a poem by Chinese author; Wang Wei. The line of thoughts were transformed into a unique flower blossom and fruit grow in East Asia. Open with garden-fresh fruity of early spring, Henan peach blossom, together with the sweetness of honeysuckle – commonly found plant in East Asia. Sweet and zest of Mandarin orange was added to gives this scent the layer of joyous. Bluebell, peony, magnolia and wisteria were added to expand this ideal place into the garden of emperor inflorescence. To complete this royally Chinese inspired scent, a touch of traditional Oolong Tea and lucky bamboo for wealth and prosperity. Finally, warm and serene basenote of sandalwood and orris concrete.

Eau de Intérieur:
This is a multi-use fragrance; a formula specifically developed to be worn either on skin area, interior or fabric such as linen. With the concentration around 10-15%


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