—Carnal of Desire (Floral)

Eau de Intérieur
50ml. / 1.67OZ.


Tuberose Enfleurage, Moke Flower, Melati, White Champaca, Cork Tree Flower, Marigold, Mysore Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Ebony, Peru Balsam, Jatamansi, Galbanum, Massoia, Milk

Rati names after Hindi goddess of love, carnal desire, lust, passion and sexual pleasure – Rati.  As the myth claimed, she is exceedingly beautiful and lavishly feminine. Transfigure this into the art of scent, all of the ideas for Rati concentrates on flowers, wood and tree that represent South Asia. Begin with old method tuberose enfleurage. We chose Indian tuberose which is known for its radiant intense fragrance together with the aphrodisiac of Ylang Ylang. Adding bright freshness and carnally from cork tree flower and White Champaca (Champee). Moke and Melati flowers represent purity. With hint of bitter green from Galbanum resin and exotic herbal wood spice from Jatamansi root (Nard). And the base from the rare Mysore sandalwood and ebony wood.

Eau de Intérieur:
This is a multi-use fragrance; a formula specifically developed to be worn either on skin area, interior or fabric such as linen. With the concentration around 10-15%


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