—Sweets Leather (Gourmand Spiced Leather)

Eau de Parfum Intense
50ml. / 1.67OZ.


Leather, Suede, Loukhoum, Allspice, Caramelised Dates, Cocao Powder, French Cistus, Grey Amber, Laos Aoud, Encens and Raki

Turkey is such an exotic place where western and eastern culture collide. Raki, a traditional Turkish drink, is a mixture of anise and other spices. Loukoum or rosewater is made of almond powder and has been called the queen of Turkish dessert. Her king is dates fruit, the king of desert. The traditional incense and agar wood burning could be found everywhere. The classic leather scent made from French Cistus and modern suede leather. The result is one extraordinary scent of leather and dessert.