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AKSUM – Extrait de Parfum

AKSUM – Extrait de Parfum


Ecclesiastical Monolith
(Animalic Incense)

Goat Hair, Hyrax, Assam Oud, Saffron, Immortelle, Asphalt, Iranian Galbanum, Jasmine Sambac, Hay Absolue, Sweat, Beeswax Absolue, Tuberose, Somalian Myrrh, Frankincense, Opoponax, Taif Rose, Cumin, Tumeric, Jatamansi, Costus, Chanthaburi Oud and Dragon Blood

Once the most powerful state and the heart of ancient Ethiopia, Aksum, located along the southern coast of the Red Sea. Aksum was a centre of trade from Persia, Central Africa, India and Egypt also a meeting point of Judaism and Christianity which then become their major influence on the culture as well.

Aksum is challengingly raw, extremely animalic, feral, exotic, deep dark smoky and narcotic. Narrating this phenomenon city from their glorious days until the very last. Our Aksum formulated with native plants from African, Central Asia, South Asia and Mediterranean. Frankincense and Myrrh from Somalia. Galbanum and Beeswax from Iran. Taif rose from Saudi Arabia. Dragon Blood, Opoponax and hyrax stone from East Africa. Spices, Tuberose and Assam oud from India. Immortelle absolue and Hay absolue from Mediterranean coast. Capturing unique characteristic in daily life of the merchant, priest, royals or even ordinary folks. Interpreting the contrast between dried holy resins and the somber resins with animalic vibe from goat hair and Costus and precious resins which cost more than gold; oud oil from Assam India (rich, raw, wild), oud oil from Chanthaburi (caramelised, fruity, smoky) with the trace of Dahn Al Oud from Laos and a few other regions.

The arousing mossy green liquid is extremely rich in texture and scent. The formula contain 5% of extremely high quality natural oud oil with more than 90% of natural absolue and resin. The concentration is 50% of perfume oil (considered pure parfum concentration).