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HIKARI 光 – Eau de Parfum Intense

HIKARI 光 – Eau de Parfum Intense


Effulgent District
(Avant Garde - Fruity)

Nashi Pear, Norlimbanol, Sake, Green Apple, Javanol, Hibiscus, Amyl Salicylate, Ambroxan, Chrysanthemum, Cashmeran, Osmanthus, Ambrette, Hops Absolue and Blackcurrant Leaf

This is a story about Tokyo, a capital of Japan, land of the rising sun where contrast collides. Tokyo, a city of fashion, technology, culture and surrounded with great Japan’s natural resources.

Hikari (光), “Light” in Japanese, was composed around elements of light, the contrast between modern perfumery materials representing avant-garde fashion, city light and technology. Norlimbanol - dryness ambery woody with animalic undertone represents the energy of people who lights up the city. Ambroxan, musk and salicylate illustrate the city scape; bulky metal that built up the city. Javanol and cashmeran gives silky warmness texture of textile. Shining together at the same time are Kanto’s natural elements; unique scent of fully bloom spring Nashi pear ready to harvest in late summer, exotic sensuousness of Osmanthus absolue, fresh green of blackcurrant leaf and light green with dusty of dried yellow (Chrysanthemum) which also translated “sun” in Japanese. Lastly, the after work drinking culture from Hops flower absolue.

Hikari represent bright light from the sun in spring and summer by natural elements. While neon lights in fall and winter are through modern components.