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AMALFI – Lux Parfumée Bougie

AMALFI – Lux Parfumée Bougie


Summer in Mediterranean 
(Chypre Citrus)


Tunisian Neroli Absolue, Amalfi Bergamot & Mandarin, Amalfi Lemon & Blossom, Tuscan Rose, Moss, Olive Tree, Patchouli, Ambergris and Mediterranean Herb & Salt

Honouring a unique town, Amalfi of Salerno. A town built on steep cliffs facing a picturesque Mediterranean sea. Summer blossom herbs and fruits are delectable. And nothing is more perfectly romantic than sipping a region’s favourite liqueur, Limoncello, on a balcony while a salty sea breeze blows and sounds from Frederico Fellini’s film is in the background.