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VINTAGE - LE MIMOSA – Eau de Parfum Intense

VINTAGE - LE MIMOSA – Eau de Parfum Intense


The Vintage Collection is the original batch stock we kept as archive. Produced with the best of ingredients during time of PRYN PARFUM launch. The perfumes were kept in their best condition only the packaging may be slightly altered from its original form. Please be noted that these products are sold 'as is'.

Memoir of Childhood 
(Fruity Green and Yellow Floral)

French Mimosa Absolue, Apple Blossom, Green Quince, Yellow Pear, Yellow Pansy, Narcissus Absolue, Lily of The Valley, Violet Leaf, Heliotrope, Vanille and Musc

It was a beautiful day during spring. Wind blew through your hair and cloud floated pass you by. Around you were thousands of tiny fluffy yellow mimosa. Blossoming against a background of other little wild flowers below; yellow narcissus, wild yellow pansy, lily of the valley and violet. Your daydream is fulfilled with a final touch of green fruits, fresh cut grass and creamy vanilla from afar.