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JARDIN D'IRIS – Eau de Parfum Intense

JARDIN D'IRIS – Eau de Parfum Intense


The Impression of Japanese’s Garden 
(Aquatic Floral)

Japanese Orris Concrete, Japanese Wisteria, Purple Water Lily, Kodo (Japanese Incense), Yuzu, Salt, Hydrangea, Air, Sky and Rainbow

Portraying the impression of Japanese’s summer garden and the most beautiful iris of all, Japanese iris. Its white-purple-yellow petals are blossoming with spectacular size than other iris. Your walk wander through fully bloom Japanese water lilies in the pond. Flares of morning light were flickering when you found huge purple hydrangea bush under a wisteria tree. Although summer is not a wisteria season but the scent spread through the garden all year round. The walk ends at a peaceful Zen shrine where a lovely yuzu grows and Kodo (Japanese incense) are everywhere.