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SUMMER THYME – Bougie de Massage de Luxe

SUMMER THYME – Bougie de Massage de Luxe


Zesty Italian
(Citrus Herbal)


Lemon Blossom, Italian Bergamot, Amalfi Neroli, Rosemary, French Verbena, English Lavender, Myrtle, Italian Thyme, Sage, Palisander, Pine

This candle evokes the sensual of Mediterranean herb and citrus with slice hint of fresh woody. The main note is Italian thyme – aromatic phenol herb, with the classic composition of Eau de Cologne; French verbena, lemon blossom, Italian bergamot, Amalfi neroli, English lavender, mytle, sage and rosemary. The result, the scent that takes you ashore to the cottage on Mediterranean.